I've moved to DaintyFawn.com

Hello! Just another reminder that I've moved to a new domain. I keep getting email notifications about new followers but Candypow will soon be GONE.

I've had this blog for 5 years. I made it back when I was in high school and have thought about changing for over a year. I know some people really liked the name but it's a part of my life that I'm over with.

Amigurumi & Handmade Sale!

I am having a huge amigurumi & handmade goodies sale over at Silent Daisy. Everything is $5 and less. This isn't even HALF of it. It's kind of a Black Friday sale except this will still be going on afterwards. When I have more available time and sunlight, I'll be able to take squeeze in some pictures and get everything else listed. :D

I'll be taking on some select custom orders for amigurumi for $20, if anyone is interested! I have some stash yarn leftover. I need a little boost to speed up the process for my dog's surgery (you can read here ♥)

Thank you to those who have donated. I REALLY appreciate it!!  It makes me so happy that this is going to be a possible thing in the near future.  I can't even imagine Bella without her hernia or having her seizures under control.