How To Safely Bleach Your Hair Using Coconut Oil Image Map


Call me Crissy! I am a 22 year old portrait photographer in California's Bay Area.  I've been in a relationship for over 3 years and we have two dogs (more pls). I don't have a "typical" job. I am currently relying on my small businesses to make a living. My days are spent editing photo sessions, doing DIY projects, crocheting, watching Korean Dramas or Sci-Fi shows, designing layouts and amigurumi.

I like awkwardness.  I think "Portandlia" sums up my sense of humor.  I've never been a fashionable person (just admiring from afar) and this blog is helping me become more adventurous with dressing up and getting comfortable with self-portraits.

Obviously I love bright colored hair (also includes wigs). I have written up a guide on how to bleach hair safely. It's my go to!  If you are interested in seeing some transformations visit these posts: Curly Girl Method and Adventures With Dye :)

My photography business is Crissy & Carlos Photography. {Behind the scenes} style.

I also dabble in graphic design and make premade blogger layouts over at Silent Daisy. On the side, I crochet some cephalopods over at Squittle Amigurumi with Anda!

A little more about me:  I love Star Trek, Doctor Who, Defiance and pretty much anything sci-fi. Paranormal, aliens, fantasy... um YES. I am super picky with horror and usually just watch foreign movies before watching remakes. Squids, elephants and foxes are my favorite animals. If you couldn't tell from my blog, I adore floral everything, mint and teal colored things, small puppies and forever wanting a camera upgrade. ALSO food love: pastas and hot cheetos.