Valentine's Day {3 outfits}

White Top Floral Pink Skirt Blowfish Bow Flats Cateye Sunglasses Heart Shaped Shoulder Bag Modcloth shoes DIY Not Necklace Coral Striped Dress Dress Doc Martens Floral Boots Jo Totes Gracie Black Floral Crown The Bohemian Faerie Flower Necklace

Click on each item ^__^
((TOP OUTFIT)) White Top, Floral Skirt, Cateye Sunglasses & Flats
((RIGHT OUTFIT)) Dress, Shoulder Bag, Necklace & Shoes
((BOTTOM OUTFIT)) Dress, Floral Crown, Necklace, Gracie Jo Totes & Floral Boots

What do you plan to wear for Valentine's Day?

I would love to drop by a thrift store for a new dress.  It's tempting though but I ought to be even more frugal with money now that my camera's decided to be rebellious..  Which means I'm off to crochet a bit and take photos of clothing that I'm going to put up in Silent Daisy.  My dresser is overflowing and I probably only wear 25% of it.

I'm all over the place with style and a good portion of my clothing doesn't fit me up top comfortably. A few pieces I had picked up at Crossroads, hopefully someone will get some wear out of those for me!