Advertise in November!

Thank you all for following. Almost hit 200 followers on GFC. Crazy! It's about time for a deal! Buy for 3 months and you'll receive 30% off. I updated a few things in my sponsor page as well as stats. I'm looking forward to featuring all kind of blogs, websites, shops, etc in my blog!

You can buy an ad now to claim your spot and send me a button when you can.  I keep track of my sponsor dates in my planner so the deal still stands if you get it later :)

November and December will be the BEST months. Why? Holiday shoppers. Remember that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up! Share any deals you'll have with Candypow readers♥  It'll be a great time to share any festive treats, DIY's, etc.

Email me at candypow.crissy [at!] with your paypal email to send an invoice. NOTE: Only one ad spot is available for XL.   You'll be on Candypow from November to February!