1\\ A.W. Photography  // Here's a peek of Alexandra's photography for you! View more from this set here. If you haven't seen it already, please check out Sleepy Hollow!
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2\\ Gypsybee //  Love these shakers! Be sure to check out the other posts from Kitsch Kraze! ♥
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3\\ My Billie Designs //  Besides graphic design my favorite posts by Melanie are being centered and inspiration ♥ I also created this collage from here!

4\\ BlythePonytailParades  //  Violet's blog is one of my favorites! Doesn't she look awesome as Edward Scissorhands?!

5\\ The Cookie Button // Super cute Owl hat! Be sure to check out the crafts too :)
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6\\ Me! Madonna! //  MaDonna's knit cowl! Lion Brand's Thick Wool Ease yarn, yes yes yes!! More crafts please.

7\\ Pony Chops //  This etsy is one of my favorites! I can't get over how talented Chantal is. Getting some custom shoes is on my wish list for sure. Too much cuteness! Christmas is coming up, get some!
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8\\ Hey Zombot //   I love Hannah's style and hair! Galaxy leggings, please!
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9\\ Found and Kept  // I really enjoy viewing other people's photography especially Jasmine's Packaing Inspiration! "Beautiful yarn + beautiful packaging = awesome things." Exactly!
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10\\ Castle Of Bows //   Here's my long time sponsor with this adorable floral bow!! :)
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